Odds To Win the 2019 FIBA World Cup

Basketball bettors seeking to fill the emptiness from the NBA Finals and Vegas Summer League will have their sights set on the 2019 FIBA World Cup of Basketball, which gets underway at China on August 31. Thirty-two??countries will take the court and play 108 matches over 16 days and, as usual, the USA is an overwhelming favorite to win the championship.
Online sportsbook BetOnline gets got the U.S. National Team as the -300 fave??to win its third FIBA World Cup championship in a row. Following??the NBA talents of this U.S. is currently Serbia (+350), Spain (+1600), Greece (+2000), France (+3300), Canada (+3300), Australia (+4000),??Lithuania (+5000), Argentina (+8000) and Russia (+10000) to round out the top 10.
Unless that is the first time seeing global basketball, then you are probably very aware that??the United States National Team is the most dominant force of this sport. The roster is littered with luxury talent in the NBA. They have won the last two FIBA World Cups and the older team has not lost a game in international competition since 2006.
However, we must acknowledge this??U.S. team isn’t the strongest. There are a lot of key absences with this roster in the NBA circuit including LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Stephen Curry, James Harden,??Klay Thompson, Kawhi Leonard, Paul George, Anthony Davis, Damian Lillard and 2014??FIBA World Cup MVP Kyrie Irving.
That said, the Americans still have adequate players??like??Khris Middleton, Kemba Walker and Donovan Mitchell to direct the new wave of U.S. basketball supremacy. But I’m not certain they’re able to win the championship with the way this roster is constructed.?? It would not surprise me to find the Americans drop due to complacency from sending a B team.
Using the metric of how many NBA players will be on the final roster, Canada should definitely be regarded as a world-beater. The Canadians possess the second-most players from the NBA behind the USA, with 17 NBA players invited to their coaching camp to get roster selection.
Raptors head coach Nick Nurse can direct the stable of Canadians through display games into the tournament but they play in a difficult team with Australia, Lithuania and Senegal. That is partially why their gambling chances to win the FIBA World Cup are in +3300 as they will be in tough to progress from the team with only two teams going on.
Out of Canada, no team will have more than a handful of NBA players to throw in the U.S. team but the usual powerhouses of Serbia (+350), Lithuania (+5000) and Australia (+4000) could nevertheless go deep in this tourney to stake their own claim for the FIBA World Cup title.
Serbia will be led by Nuggets centre Nikola Jokic, who’s coming off a banner year at Denver. His ability set translates well to the global game and should help push the Serbians to the final again. They dropped to the U.S. at the gold medal game in the 2016 Olympics.
Lithuania just has a population of 2.5 million individuals but this country is routinely in the mix during the knockout phases of international basketball contests. They’ll have Raptor Jonas Valanciunas down low with Pacers forwards Domantas Sabonis and the majority of the??roster plays in upper-tier soccer leagues in Europe, as is also true with the Serbians.
Due to a group being such a hefty fave (ahem, USA), there’s not a whole lot of value on the outright market so that it may be ideal for bettors to choose their areas with group stage wagers.
Comparable to the FIFA World Cup, there are just eight teams with four groups in them. Based on the win-loss record, just two teams progress to the next stage of this tourney after every team plays another after. Additional tiebreakers like stage differential will be executed if there are nations with equal win-loss records.
Now that you have got the gist, the classes I would keep an eye are Group A and Group H since those are the only two which don’t have enormous outright faves to win it.
Poland is the fave at Group A at +110 and I think that is a mistake because I think there’s better value on China at +150. The Chinese National Team has been rising year over year since Yao Ming made his debut in the NBA and they are fresh off a stint at the NBA Summer League where they beat the Charlotte Hornets squad as 21-point underdogs. This is actually the first time Poland has created the FIBA tourney since 1967 and also their roster is barren of high-end gift.
Group H is a small crapshoot as it has three groups which have adequate rosters without a clear standout, which is the reason why it’s branded as the”Group of Death.” The group includes Australia as the fave??at +150,??followed closely by Canada at +175, Lithuania in +200??and Senegal in +15000. These 3 groups should each get a win over Senegal however this might return to some point-differential tiebreaker to determine the two nations to advance.
I believe Canada is the very best value in +175??to acquire the team since they get to play Australia in their opening game and the Aussies will be with arguably the best player, Ben Simmons. The’Roos nevertheless have five players which have been successful from the NBA but I think without Simmons, they’ll be hard pressed to overcome the Canadians with??a complete roster of NBA standouts.
Stay secured with this page from today before the tournament starts on August 31??as chances shift and rosters get determined with each nation’s training camp.
Odds as of August 6??in BetOnline
Odds as of August 6??in BetOnline
Odds as of August 6??at?? BetOnline
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Odds as of August 6??at?? BetOnline
Odds at August 6??in BetOnline
Odds at August 6??at?? BetOnline
Odds as of August 6??in BetOnline
Odds as of August 6??in BetOnline
Odds at August 6??in BetOnline

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