The 2019 NBA Finals

The 2019 NBA Finals was the title arrangement of the National Basketball Association (NBA’s) 2018–19 season and finish of the period’s playoffs. In the best-of-seven playoff arrangement held from May … Read More

New York Knicks

Vegas Over/Under: 30.5 Fromal’s Record Projection: 28-54 The Bet: Beneath with marginal confidence Rinse and repeat. In 2013-14, the New York Knicks’ 37-45 record could not quite fit their over/under … Read More

Philadelphia 76ers

Vegas Over/Under: 42.5 The Record Projection: 40-42 of fromal The Bet: Hammer the beneath The Philadelphia 76ers appear to one day on track. But let’s not by expecting too much, … Read More

Phoenix Suns

Vegas Over/Under: 28.5 The Record Projection: 26-56 of fromal The Bet: lean although Avoid under The Phoenix Suns are oozing with potential, which makes this a terrifying bet. Even in … Read More

Portland Trail Blazers

Vegas Over/Under: 42.5 Fromal’s Record Projection: 43-39 The Bet: Prevent but lean over The Western Conference is brutally hard, along with the Portland Trail Blazers’ previous cap missteps will wind … Read More

New Orleans Pelicans

Vegas Over/Under: 39.5 Fromal’s Record Projection: 37-45 The Bet: Under with marginal confidence Rarely does the stars-and-scrubs strategy get deployed quite like this in professional leagues. Most commonly used in … Read More